Dear friend, if you’ve been searching for a simple and lucrative business that is capable of setting your life free financially, I will congratulate you at this moment because you have found the no-hassle business that will give you all the freedom you have been waiting for a long period of time. So the perfect business is IMPORTATION Business (Online Importation Business)


Importing is the practice of having goods/products manufactured very cheaply in other countries according to specification and bringing those goods/products/items to your own country to sell and make profit.
It’s a very profitable business to embark on and it has a greater ability to make you an huge profit in no time.



If you ever wanted to be an importer, your pocket must be sound in terms of money, you must have good money at hand because manufacturing was so expensive then.
You also need to travel to whatever country you’re sourcing from, you physically arrange them yourself and have them shipped.
When the goods/products arrives, another problem comes i.e. several import agents problems-you now start battling with import agents, giving them money to have yours goods cleared.
Then you need to start finding market to sell those goods.
It was so hard and rough then, no wonder why we have a few people doing the business anyway.


Old things have passed away, the existed relatively long time system have been replaced by a new wonderful system in which internet is one of them which have made everything so easier and faster than my jet….lols, And this have eliminated all the manual and paper works involved in the business because these days, there is no need to travel down to China, USA, Singapore, etc. to import again, all can be done from your bedroom only with your computer and internet  only and this have really helped to maximize the profit of the business extensively.




i.     It’s very easy to do.
Almost everything you see around you this days are produced or made in China, let’s take a look and see, laptops, phones, shoes, shirts and many more are all made in China this days, so you don’t know. And as opposed to popular opinion that not all Chinese products are fake. Chinese factories produce according to the specification given to them. That is why they produce exactly what you want them to produce.
So if you want something authentic, durable and original, they make it for you and if you want the other way round,you'll also get that too.

ii.   It’s cheap and extremely profitable.
Most products/items you do buys here in Nigeria are imported from overseas like China, USA, UK, India etc. and are sourced at very little amount of money and are being sold at high prices.
Most products can be sourced/bought for as low as $1.50(N319.8).Some at $5, $7, $10…....

iii.   You can start this business with a little sum of money.
One good reason about this business is that you can start this business with a little sum of money, you don’t have to go and borrow money and create a hole in your pocket before you can start this business, you can start with something less than #10,000 and scale it big and make tangible profit out of it or even use other people’s cash to start this business, you get to know more about that along the post.

Read every aspect of this great post with 100% concentration.


Import High Quality Products from all over the world for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices.
What’s more, you’ll learn the greatest secret of successful importers.
Easy way to import from China, USA, Malaysia, Philippines and from all over the world completely risk free using O.P.M method (other peoples’ money)


80% of goods and services(products) we are buying today from Markets,Stores,Shops, Companies today are from IMPORTATION, so the earlier you know it, the better it is for you


MYTH 1:  They tell you that importation contain more paperwork which are difficult to carry out.
TRUTH:  Your import agent will do all the paperwork for you - error free!

MYTH 2:  They tell you that you have to goto USA,UK,China and Malaysia to buy goods and services.
TRUTH:  Today, it’s is so easy to import 100% online and get your goods or services at cheaper rate!

MYTH 3:  They do tell you that imported goods especially from china are all junks.
TRUTH:  Many quality products (just name it) you buy today are being imported online and China is one of those great countries they import from. You must have heard about Jumia, Konga, Slot, Taafoo and Alaba in Lagos & Computer village, etc. Do you know how they got those products you buy from them. They do buy those products online at cheaper rate and they sell it to you 2-3 times the price of the product and make huge profit from it.

MYTH 4:  They do tell you that your pocket must be sound in terms of money i.e. you must  have good money at hand before you can start doing importation.
TRUTH:  You can start doing your Mini Importation Business with a little penny/sum of money less than #10,000 because I could remember I started mine with less than 10k. The funniest part is that you can even start this business without spending a dime at all but you use the method we call O.P.C (Other People’s Cash) method. You are going to get it better in the guide!


This Importation of a thing is regarded as the Greatest Business Opportunity on this Planet Earth?

This Importation of a thing is regarded as one of the simplest and easiest business you can indulge with and won’t cause you any risk at all and you’ll still be able to make huge profit from it without stress. All you just need is some basic knowledge, skills and strategies on how it all works.


Oops So It Is Damn Easy As This - Of Course YES

Just follow the awesome and ultimate steps laid down for you in the guide you are about to get in a moment from now on.

If I guess, You might have probably heard about Importation Business by any chance before or maybe you have bought various products, various eBooks from people or so called Gurus who claimed to show you how to start mini online importation business and make millions, but it didn't work for you.

You might have even see some people posting things like “How to buy blackberry phones for as little as #5,000 or how to buy Laptops for less than #15,000 etc.
THE TRUTH IS THAT: Although they might be able to buy some stuff at cheaper prices online, but know this for sure that 65-80% of them are not into real Importation Business Per Se.

Online Mini Importation Must Be Seen As A Stand-Out Business Among Others

In order to make a good progress in this business, you need to think outside the box. You must be creative and innovative.

Hello Friend, If you are going to be like me you'd want to forget about these fly by night gurus who shouts about buying cheap blackberry phones, laptops etc. from a secret website for N5,000 and so on... and start thinking about how to dig deep into this business and make something tangible from it.
It even possible that you might have come across these sites but are you making SERIOUS money from them yet. If I guess right, the answer is NO.

Of course you're either not making a dime yet or you aren't making as much as you ought to have make!
It's not your fault at all, I have been in your shoes sometimes ago,so I know how it is. you've been fed all the lies by the so called  gurus, and that's what has been limiting you!


Some time back, specifically October 2012, Nigeria’s Statistician-General of the Federation stated that about 20.3 million Nigerians were currently jobless and not employed in any form of job. Now, that was some 23.9% of Nigeria’s total labor force and this figure has consistently increased from what it was in 2006 (at 5.3%).

Again, the volume of job loss across Nigeria continues to be a worrisome issue. While many organizations are shutting down operations, others have downsized their workforce due to pressing economic reasons.  In July 2012, for instance, the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions raised an alarm over on-going massive retrenchment in the banking sector where it alleged that no fewer than 9,000 employees had been laid off in the preceding 12 months.
Just recently also, INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, said 800,000 people applied for the 1,500 vacancies in the commission – Punch Newspaper.

When added to the millions of tertiary school graduates that Nigerian institutions of higher learning continuously “throw up” into the labor market, the gloomy state of unemployment in the country can best be imagined. Again, add this to the fact that many Nigerians, who are even presently employed, are owed backlogs of salaries by their employers, while inflation continues to eat into the purses of a few whose salaries and wages have been relatively constant.

How do you as an Individual, an average Nigerian, get the necessary financial capacity to take care of the needs of your family, grow funds for future investment and live the kind of comfortable life you have ever wished for.


In order to make ends meet, people nowadays not only we need to have access to multiple streams of income, but also businesses that bring constant streams of income - trading(buying and selling). A business whereby the products or goods you sell are rapidly bought by consumers and you need not loose your shirt to raise capital to buy these products…a business in which you import the goods by yourself, right in front of your computer without going through the bureaucratic procedures of Nigeria Customs Service and other government agencies (no import tariffs, no bill of lading, no bill of entry, no FORM M or whatsoever etc.) where you do not need a warehouse, not even a shop.

The Way Out is Online Mini Importation Business:

Importing Items Online from the Comfort of Your PC and at Dead Cheaper Prices!
Do you know there are selected genuine websites/portals where you can order for goods, ranging from both home and office appliances,gadgets to clothing's,women’s hair accessories to smart phones, laptops, wears, jewelries, etc conveniently, in bulk and at deadly cheaper prices.

Do you know getting access to a safe, secure mode of payment that is acceptable on these sites is so amazing?

Do you know you can invest as little as N10,000 monthly and making not less than N100k monthly from this mini online importation business?

Do you know you can start this business using o.p.c. method  i.e. you can use other people’s cash to start your business and get their product for them and you still make your own cash.

Do you know you can even get most of these products brought to you, free of shipping costs - this secret of 100% free shipping will shock you big time? You are going to get the tactics I use in the guide.

The Skills, Tactics, Tricks, Methods that will turn you into a successful and amazing MINI IMPORTER in no time are gathered in the Step by Step Complete Guide.

Opening you to:
The Greatest Mini Importation Business Guide You've Never Seen Before.


The hidden secret of raking in more money in this business that those people in the business will never tell you and if they'll tell you, they will charge as much as #80,000 - #100.000 just to teach this secrets.

How you can become a Mini Importer in the next 72 hours, even if you have no cash at hand like was then, even some so called gurus out there don't know about it at all. I'm sure most of them, will even purchase this guide because of this tip alone.

The 4 “secret” 100% guaranteed import portals where you can do all your importation on with peace of mind. Don't even try to guess. It's certainly not what you think!

The 2 words that get the "brother-in-law" price on everything you ever order. Waoooo, you just drop these two words and you're unto the best lowest price ever.

How to avoid virtually ALL the paper works of importing and eliminate costly mistakes.

Simple steps to verify sellers so as to ascertain their experience with their past customers. Dare venture into this business without these tips, you're on your own.

The simple trick of knocking of shipping fee, and getting FREE shipping on every item you order.... With this trick, even when the seller requires you to pay some amount as shipping fee, he bows to this trick and ship your order free to you.

See proof Below:

Lets Take A Look At More Products You Can Get At A Dead Cheaper Price!!!

As you can see from the picture above, there was no shipping fee attached and also the price of those products was so cheap compared to price here in Nigeria.

How to make every payment for your order with your Nigeria ATM cards, not a foreign MasterCard/visa card you’ve been hearing about.

How to separate the real wholesalers from the middlemen; how to identify the scammers in the business.

Simple phrase to use on sellers to make sellers treat you with a greater interest.

How to compare prices and quality, and get to the best offers.

How to determine hot in demand products that are guaranteed to sell. Going for the wrong products will make you hit the rock like most people that have ventured into this business with half information.

How to track shipments and confirm deliveries - what you must not do before shipment. How to bypass every Custom problem... This trick is dead simple but works like Bomb.

How to get manufacturer to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE. If your name or business is Bristol for example, you’ll get all your products branded Bristol. This presents you as an authority and attracts more buyers.

How to market your products to consumers, using only social media (no need for a website - this will amaze you big time.

The greatest things you must do in order to succeed and be stand-out among others.

How you can also be making more money teaching people your importation knowledge in seminars and consultations

I believe you are getting it now:

One lovely thing about these Importation Portals is that you’re always secured no matter what because may be by any chance you did not receive your ordered items or may be the items you receive falls below what you expected, you have the right to report and have your money back into your account within 72 hours.

Can you now see how secured, easy and risk free the business is. So no matter what the circumstance may be, you will always get your money back!



The greatest 100% safe and secured sites/portals, you can order for hot in demand items at cheaper rates.

How to start your mini importation business within 72 hours from now on and  be making at least N100k within 30 days.

How to get down to the 5 star sellers and develop personal relationships with them, so that you guys can get more serious and do more serious business together and make more money.

How to get the best and suitable ATM card to successfully make payments to these importation sites.

The very particular product you can sell that will fetch you a lot of cash – you'll even get a direct link to this product so that you too can order for it and resell here. This product sells like hot cakes here in Nigeria.

Top rock star products that will always sell 100 percent of time. Even if you order millions of these products, buyers are always ready to buy them from you.

How to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using certain 2 tools you already have, let me tell you one of those tools which is your Facebook account.

How to approach sellers who charge shipping fees and make them even beg you to buy goods without paying the shipping fees.

How to position yourself before the courier companies and make them treat you and your products with a great desire, you’ll never believe this tip until you try it yourself.

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In the Business Guide, you get the step by step self-explanatory guide on how to successfully start this business from scratch without loosing a penny even if you don't know much about computer at all and be making great profit importing Top Quality Items/Goods/Products at a cheap ridiculous prices.

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